Problem with PF3 ATC and Navigraph flight plan .pln

Bonjour ,

I test navigraph with a VFR flight plan. I was able to export this plan in .pln format and recovered it in FS20 without problems.

But I use PF3 ATC, and there when I import the same flight plan PF3 puts an error message see attached image.

I contact PF3 and the designer replies this:

Your flight plan is not in the correct format.
As you can see in the error message, the standard end of line delimiters (0D0A - carriage return and line feed) are missing.

Check your Navigraph settings… I don’t use it so can’t help you
with this problem.

Uploading: LFPGLFPO.pln.txt…
Uploading: 2.jpg…

It seems you submitted your message before the files were completely uploaded. Please make another post with the attached files.


here are the files
LFPGLFPO.pln.txt (3.5 KB)

Was there ever a resolution to this? I installed PF3 two days ago and have not been able to use it for this exact same error. The .pln file is basically xml, which I assume is normal but I have no idea about that.

btw, I’m on Win11. Is it possible this is because of a database error? I read somewhere that people using Win11 have had db problems.


we don’t support PF3 ATC with our data and also, we use the default PLN file format which uses defined specifications.

The uploaded sample PLN file is useless because it seems that the file was changed to txt and converted into another coding-page.

You see this, when you open it in the coordinates, there are special character. That comes bot from our chart app.

Again, we don’t know anything about this addon, nor have we any contact to the devs there. Sorry.


Ok, thanks for the quick reply.

In looking at the .pln file with Notepad++, there was an option to convert to Window (CR LF). I did that and saved the file and now PF3 accepts it. Does this mean Navigraph Charts is not saving in the correct Windows format? Is that an option I missed somewhere in NGCharts?


no, the format is correct but it seems that this application needs a CRLF even when this is an xml file, where such CRLFs are normally not necessary.

The PLN file with or without the CR valid and you can test this simple, when you load the file (without changing everything) directly in the MSFS. So, the file itself is good but the PF3 seems to be expect the CR flag too, what is uncommon.

As I have written before, we don’t know the special reuqirements of this tool and therefore we can’t know what they need or not. The exported MSFS pln file via our charts is valid and can be imported in MSFS, LittleNav Map, … and all other supported tools/addons without changing anything.



Thanks for the explanation! It looks like PF3 is being weird. :slight_smile: