Problem with PF3 ATC and Navigraph flight plan .pln

Bonjour ,

I test navigraph with a VFR flight plan. I was able to export this plan in .pln format and recovered it in FS20 without problems.

But I use PF3 ATC, and there when I import the same flight plan PF3 puts an error message see attached image.

I contact PF3 and the designer replies this:

Your flight plan is not in the correct format.
As you can see in the error message, the standard end of line delimiters (0D0A - carriage return and line feed) are missing.

Check your Navigraph settings… I don’t use it so can’t help you
with this problem.

Uploading: LFPGLFPO.pln.txt…
Uploading: 2.jpg…

It seems you submitted your message before the files were completely uploaded. Please make another post with the attached files.


here are the files
LFPGLFPO.pln.txt (3.5 KB)