Problem with LOWI RNP Z Rwy 08

All the way supposely to go on the descent angle from WI750, the aircraft does not descend and all the waypoints stay at 13000 (see picture).
Win 7 - P3dv4.5 - MJC Q400 - Airac 2012.
jean-Pierre Guénard

May I had that the RNP Z Rwy 26 has the same results than the Rwy 08.
I understand that the crew and the aircraft have to be duly authorized to do these procedures so, could you be good enough to let me know if the problem is coming from the database or from the lack of equipment on the Q400 to do these procedures.
Thank you and regards,
JP Guénard

Hi there,

i am having issues with this approach as well using x-plane 11.50+. In my case the a/c would descent to early but way to shallow. Reported that issue to Navigraph about 6month ago. They said it must be an x-plane issue! :slight_smile:

But seeing you having issues in P3D as well, i start thinking it might be something on Navigraphs end too?! :slight_smile:

Let’s see what support says,


Hi Tom,
Funny, but I never got any answer here since my first post.
However, On the Majestic forum we have quite long discussions about this kind of problem and it would appear that it could be due to the equipment of the Q400 which does not permit this type of RNP approaches.
It would be much appreciated to have an answer from navigraph to confirm.

Hi gents,
first of all sorry for this unanswered question. It looks we have overseen it completely - sorry for that.

Ok, I have now looked deeper into LOWI R08-Z but I can´t see any issue here - not in the data nor in the Majestic database:
The last waypoint where a altitude restriction is included is the WI750 with 13000ft. That is also in our charts, from WI750 the descent starts till RW08.

Here a screenshot of our data from the database (the Majestic db uses exactly the same values):

You see the waypoint sequence of R08-Z (incl. the ELMEM approach transition) and the altitude-constraints. WI750 is the only one with such a constraint. RTT is the holding in case of an missed approach.

So, we can´t really say, why the Majestic addon doesn´t decent after WI750 and why all other waypoints have the 13000ft alt-restriction. This is not in the database as you see. From our side, the coding looks correct so far.


Thank you Richard,
I understand now that the problem is not from the data and it was that I thought that we cannot fly all the RNP approaches as the Q400 FMS does not take some RNP approaches into account.
So we have to fly the cloudbreak procedure down to the minima (7100’) and then continue visually or GA.
Thanks again,

I guess so Jean-Pierre, yes and again, sorry for the silence to this topic - overseen it …

PS: I have marked the topic now as “solved” with the reference to your answer about the capability of the Majestic addon according RNP approaches.

Maybe the Q400 can’t fly RF (radius to fix) legs that is causing the issue?

Hi Brian,
In fact this Q400 (Majestic) is programmed like most RW Q400 and does not have the LPV 200 Ft CAT I and we can only fly LNAV LNAV-VNAV Baro for the moment which is already quite good.

Great knowledge sharing guys … I learned a lot too here too :wink:
Thank you very much,

Sim version :

Navigraph Navdata client version: 1.0.0-beta.19

AIRAC cycle + revision number: AIRAC Cycle 2014 rev.2

Exact description of the issue, including cause of the issue (Flight plan in world map, loading a flight plan generated from outside, using aircraft type etc.):

Same problem with FS2020 in a320 and TBM930
RNAV08Z / Not all Waypoints + FL130 until WI753 LOWI08 1899

Availabe via Navigraph Charts and Ipad APP

Screenshots or example files if applicable (Flight plans or similar):

Confirmation that the issue does not exist using default data, which requires Remove in installer. This allows us to verify if it’s a sim issue or data issue. Teasted several times with and without Navigraph

Advise if there is any difference in the issue between the World Map and MCDU/FMC, if applicable. :

Same in MCDU/FMC (a320) / Same in G3000 (TBM 930) / G1000 sems OK

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