Problem while keeping route when selecting a gate

Is there anyway to start your departure from a gate when I have set up my route and uploaded it to msfs20. I upload it to msfs and when I click my departure to be from a gate then entire route changes. Anybody have any suggestions how to keep my route I set up from navigraph while setting my departure from a designated gate and not start from the runway?

Hi Captain,

Yes, this is a common problem with MSFS and not Navigraph. My workaround is the following:

  1. Open MSFS and load the flight plan I created in Navigraph.
  2. Once the flight loads into MSFS I click the Fly button (bottom right).
  3. Once it loads and has me sitting at the end of the runway, I shut down and make it a dark cockpit.
  4. I then open a navigation program (I have FSTramp) and then move the plane to the gate or parking of choice). Once there, I close FSTramp (or program of your choice).
  5. Then I do the full start up, taxi, and fly with Navigraph!

Until MSFS fixes this situation, this is the workaround I’ve come up with. I’m sure other users have additional solutions.


Thank u so much. I’ll give it a try.

Hoping it works for you, Captain.

Darn! Been over a year and this still seems to be an issue. (I’m a new SimBrief user, and haven’t found a better work around than C&D and slew to gate.)

Edit: going to check an option. I’ll respond if it works.

Well, so far so. . .okay. :slight_smile: Just started a flight with no destination (KLAS B10) and then imported charts into navigraph and used the “upload to FS flight plan” feature. That seemed to work, except my cruise alt of FL370 wasn’t recognized, so ATC only sent me up to 15k. Not that this is a big deal, but it also cut off my arrival (JANNY5 to KBUR), and had me fly pretty darn close to the San Gabriels on the way to the VNY transition for ILS Y Rwy 8. That and then ATC went AWOL when I had the COMM 2 tuned to Burbank ATIS, and both it came alive and SoCal Approach started assigning me an approach. But that’s not navigraph. . .

Anyway, looks like I’m mostly good to go as far as gate starts and still having a flight plan.

Hello everyone! This seems to have been fixed in one of the recent sim updates.

I have tried to reproduce OPs issue, but I have not been able to. Based on my findings, I can safely say that the new behavior does let you select a gate after loading a route from a file!

Kind Regards,

Nope, not solved. I still have the same issue

Hmm, odd. Can you send me a PLN file of the route that you used?

CYULCYYG_MFS_21Oct23.pln (7.1 KB)
I start MSFS and load the flight plan from a local file on the world map. If I try to select a gate, it always jumps back to active runway. This happens not always, but very often, in particular at larger airports.

A work-around is to unselect the departure airport and then pick the gate from the world map. That works most of the time, but not with this particular flight plan. I have the BM World scenery of CYUL installed. I can start from a gate if I do not import a Simbrief flight plan and fly DCT instead.

I tried it with your PLN, but this is a different issue altogether.

The issue in the OP is that once the route is loaded, changes to any of the dropboxes will cause an invalidation and recalculation of the whole route, erasing anything that was calculated by SimBrief.
This is no longer the case!

Your issue is different, and new to me! Not sure what that is about…

Kind Regards,

Ah, sorry. I thought it was close enough. Would you prefer I open a new topic?

Yes, please do! Preferably in the SimBrief section :slight_smile:

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