Problem while keeping route when selecting a gate

Is there anyway to start your departure from a gate when I have set up my route and uploaded it to msfs20. I upload it to msfs and when I click my departure to be from a gate then entire route changes. Anybody have any suggestions how to keep my route I set up from navigraph while setting my departure from a designated gate and not start from the runway?

Hi Captain,

Yes, this is a common problem with MSFS and not Navigraph. My workaround is the following:

  1. Open MSFS and load the flight plan I created in Navigraph.
  2. Once the flight loads into MSFS I click the Fly button (bottom right).
  3. Once it loads and has me sitting at the end of the runway, I shut down and make it a dark cockpit.
  4. I then open a navigation program (I have FSTramp) and then move the plane to the gate or parking of choice). Once there, I close FSTramp (or program of your choice).
  5. Then I do the full start up, taxi, and fly with Navigraph!

Until MSFS fixes this situation, this is the workaround I’ve come up with. I’m sure other users have additional solutions.


Thank u so much. I’ll give it a try.

Hoping it works for you, Captain.