Problem Installation AIRAC cycle in PMDG 738

Hello everybody,
I have a problem to install a new circle (2213) for the first time. Its my first time, becaus i have a new Navigraph-subscription. The NAVDATA-CENTER installed without problems the simulator base packages, but not into the 738. The FMC shows AIRAC circle 2204. If i start the NAVDATA-CENTER and i click on the update-button the NAVDATA-CENTER freeze and nothing happens.
The program can then only be closed by right-clicking on the taskbar.
(NAV DAT CENTER Version 1.0.12; WINDOWS 11)
Below the frozen status of the NAV DAT CENTER
Im looking forward for your help
best regards

Hi Dieter,


The fact that you can update the Navigraph packages, but not the PMDG suggests there might be an issue with the PMDG install. I suggest you close Navigraph Navdata Center and MSFS, remove, download and install PMDG 737-800, including updates.

Happy New Year


Hi Ian,
thats it, Aircraft new installed and now it works.
Im happy and proud of you, wish you also a happy new year and cheers…
Best regards from Austria to Australia

Hi Dieter,

Thank you for kind words. Glad it is resolved.

Yes we are great distances apart but easily in contact thanks to the internet. We are expecting 35 degrees C here today (New Years Day).

Happy flying.


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