Navigraph Navdata Center Confusion

I just installed the Navigraph Navdata Center and when I run it, a message comes up stating “No Simulator Detected.”

I have been flying my PMDG 737-700 recently released. It has the current FMC database installed APR21May19/22. I just don’t know if this was automatically updated by you, or PMDG the day it was released?

In looking at the MSFS Content manager in the simulator, I see I have the Navigraph AIRAC Cycle 2201 Rev, and AIRAC Cycle Base Installed.

In looking at example Navigraph Navdata Center on your website, I appears filled out to where a user can chose to setup the PMDG 737, plus a few other things, where as my example is completely blank because “No Simulator Detected.”

I’m confused?
Bill Clark

Hi Bingo,

Something might have happened with your UserOpt.cfg file in the simulator. Please check this thread for hints on how to fix it. Connot find simulator

Kind regards,


I find a solution. I disabled my AVG antivius, i ran the Navdata center and enabled again.

I uninstalled Navigraph Center, then reinstalled it. This time I brought up the Properties Screen of the installer, selected Compatibility, then checked, “Run this program as an administrator.” After that, I clicked on the NNC.exe installer and installed as an administer…it worked, problem solved.

Thanks for your help!
Bill Clark

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I was having the same issue and I did as you did and it works now! Thank you!-Rocky Jet Melendez