Private Airport not listed

Hi all!

I routinely fly from San Diego to Phoenix, and would really appreciate being able to add 0CA6 (Emory Ranch, located in Ocotillo CA) as an enroute waypoint. This ICAO is listed in Foreflight, Skyvector, but apparently not in Jeppeson Charts.

I understand that airports aren’t manually added, so not requesting that. But I’m just curious why most private airports are included, but some are not?

Thank you!

the most common reason for missing private airports is that some details are missing (like runway coordinates, the airport reference point or similar else). Normally, this information are included in the AIPs (or the FAA database) but when no one reports this, it´s missing …

I have checked the FAA database and the airport is included but without any other information, like runway coordinates, so that could be the reason why Jeppesen don´t add it.

A second reason could be, that we don´t export it. Nearly all addons need a few mandatory fields and when e don´t have these columns in the database, we can´t export it.

Hope that helps

Thank you for checking, and for explaining the likely reason!


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