ENFG missing from Charts

ENFG (Fagernes) - previous commercial airport, now GA airport, does not show up in Charts, but is available in SimBrief.

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To complete myself, the airport is there with apron and all but it has no label like other airports and is not searchable in the airports box.

Hi Lars,
I´m currently working to add all data for VFR airports into the charts, that you can use/select your example Leirin (ENFG) runway 15/33 for flight-planning too. Please be patience …

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Thanks Richard. Looking forward to it, as it is a nice airport that can handle big birds. Given that the VFR waypoints are available it seems like most of the work is done already.

(And I was a bit surprised to see much smaller fields like ENDO and ENKL being defined.)

The main reason is, that the IFR source data are different to the VFR source data and currently we have only activated the IFR source data in the charts app. Therefore you see sometimes only the airport diagram/tile but without any airport code - that´s because the missing underlying VFR data.

Such merge is not only for the charts, we need it for all addons too because it´s only the half mile, when you can plan a flight from a VFR airport, but you can´t use it in the sim/addon than :slight_smile:

I´m on short final now with the merge and I hope, we can offer all airport data (IFR & VFR) too in the charts in the very near future.

Cheers (and thanks for the question!)


Thanks for the detailed response. Only curiosity is why a grass strip which has never had IFR like ENDO is listed proper already now, whilst an ex-IFR field like ENFG (which had Jeppesen charts issued up to 2018) isn’t.

Anyways - keep up the good work!

Good question but I honest I can´t give you an answer for this. I have just looked into the IFR database and ENDO is included in the database, so therefore also available in the charts currently. ENFG is not but is included in the VFR database and therefore still not included in the charts :slight_smile:

IFR database is possible the wrong term, this database contains all airports, which are normally included in the AIPs of the countries. I haven´t looked into the AIP Norway now but anyway, it could be also a “relict” :slight_smile: … no, I don´t really know, why this airport is included and the other not.

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Hello. Has there been a development regarding this subject?


ENFG is not included in the Norwegian AIP. That said, we now include this airport based on only its VFR data, which means that it is visible and clickable but does not have any charts or procedures.

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Yes - works as expected! If one wants the no-longer-valid charts one needs to google it. ENFG was ‘decommissioned’ from AIP some 5-10 years ago as it moved from being a commercial airport to be a private airport.