Prepar3dv4 and charts

I have purchased a one year subscription for Navigraph but I cannot find the charts, flightplanner and moving map, it seems that nav data center cannot find my simulator. I have the Q400, PMDG 737, Aerosoft A320 and the B200, am running prepar3dv4
What to do
Br Ole

Hi Ole,


Navigraph Navdata Center is for MSFS only.

For P3D 4 addons, you download and install Navigraph FMS Data Manager.

Charts (including flight planner) are downloaded from Charts . Alternately, if you prefer you can use [Charts Cloud] ( which uses a browser.

For moving map you download and install Simlink

If you need assistance please ask.


thanks, I will try that and see if it works
br Ole

Hi again

Just to let you know, everything seems to work, Simbrief and navigraph is working together and so it exceeds my expectations
A new dimension to my Sim hobby

br Ole

Hi Ole,

You are welcome. Glad it is all working.

Happy flying


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