Possible to set a Custom Climb Profile?

Hi there. The title is basically the content of what I’m looking for.

The CRJ-1000 in-plane climb profile is recommended as 250/320/.77. Simbrief’s only climb profile option is 250/290/.74. Only one descent profile, too. .78/290/250. I know the 700 had at least two profiles each, and they did match the proper spec (including the higher-speed climb). If I can’t do this, is this where I’d ask for it to be changed?

Hi, it isn’t possible to create your own Climb/Descent profiles currently.

But I have added 250/320/77 climb and 78/320/250 descent to the CRJ-1000 now.

As a side note: the difference between these climb/descent profiles is usually very minor. On average, the higher speed ones cost only 25 kg more fuel and shave only about 1 minute off the flight time.

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Thank you! Very much appreciated. I’ve never really messed about with fuel use in larger planes for things like that, so it is good to know.

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