Portrait Mode

8 is awesome! BUT… please fix display issues in portrait mode! I’m using an 8" Lenovo tablet. This app MUST be able to work in Portrait mode to be useful! Thanks!!!

Steven followed up on this in another thread. They are working on the “smaller screen sizes/resolutions.” This 8" is 1280x800 and Charts 8 is ok in Landscape but NOT in portrait. Standing by and using my iPad until fixed. Thanks!

I have the same issue, the app is now unusable for me. And in Landscape Mode the UI works but I can just Display Charts on top of the Map. When I try to open it, just black. I use a Huawai MediaPad M5 8".

Well, Stephen himself answered that these “smaller” resolutions are not currently supported but “will be soon.” VERY Impressive upgrade and they were bound to break some stuff. Im fairly sure theyll support these smaller screens including phones relatively soon.