Screen Size: Tablet for Charts V8

On my 2340x1080 capable iOS phone device, Charts V8 is listed as only being compatible with a tablet or desktop.
Without knowing how long it will take Navigraph to restore mobile phone functionality, I am now considering the purchase of an Android tablet (Fire 7" 1024x600 or Fire 8" 1280x800) in order to continue using my Navigraph subscription in full.
Before I go ahead, is there a minimum screen size and/or resolution for Charts V8, and if possible please advise whether Navigraph Charts V8 will function on the two listed devices given that their overall resolution is considerably less than most mobile phones?
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This is a serious enquiry; will Navigraph Charts V8 work on a basic Android tablet?
Please help provide an answer before the sales run out. Thanks.

Sorry for thr delay.

Android screen sizes are a bit complex to work with, but currently Charts is limited to what Google defines as large devices (at least 640dp x 480dp). Dp is not pixels but a measurement that also takes pixel density into account.

From Screen Layout and Resolution (Fire Tablets) | Fire Tablets I read that ”All of the Fire tablets are considered large or xlarge devices.”

However, there are reasons why a Fire tablet might not be ideal. The new charts require more from the processor than the old app, as it is built using vector chart technology to render all the crisp and detail data down to gate level. I am not familiar with the performance of Fire tablets, but this might be an issue.

Secondly, I am not sure if and how you can install apps from Google Play on FireOS. Maybe you can.

I can’t give you a firm answer on when the phone-compatible version is available, but we are actively working on it.



Thank you, I appreciate your kind answer.
I have resurrected my wife’s old iPad, and remarkably after years of disuse in a drawer, it still charges (and seems to work).
However, as you rightly suggest, the processing power is not ideal, but at least I have a way to pass the time.
I will wait for the update, and when finally it releases, I will enjoy it even more so.
Again, thank you.

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We’ve now started the public beta of the mobile app. Please check out the link below if you’d like to try it out!

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