PMDG terminal charts error

Within the PMDG 737 P3Dv5 I’m currently getting a ‘Terminal Charts Connection Error 01 [ARPTS List]’ problem.

Hello! Thanks for the feedback!

We recently migrated the old APIs related to that EFB to a new infrastructure on our side. We have not found any issues, but I have not checked the P3D PMDG 737 yet…

It is a bit hard to track down this issue given the closed-source nature of that EFB, but we will investigate!

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Alright, this is likely related to the fact that this EFB is using old technology which does not support today’s TLS (encrypted communication) standards. While allowing old versions could technically be considered a security issue, we will do it for the sake of supporting this EFB!

We have made a change to our servers now. Please verify if there is any change in your situation!

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Thanks Malte the function is restored.

I am happy to hear it! Thank you for the quick confirmation.

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