PLEASE stop closing Topics after only 2 days of inactivity

Please stop closing Topis after only 2 days of inactivity

This is NOT helping your customers, discuss and learn about reported issues, as not everyone can log into the forum every day, and read everything, and post a trivial reply to keep a topic open for another 2 days !!

Please consider setting the Inactivity to the more Forum Typical length of 1 Months .

Unless of course, there purpose of the 2 day inactivity closure, is just to limit any discussion on a topic of interest to your customers.

Unhappy “paying” Customer

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per our definition, topics will be closed after 7 days (last reply) - you see this on your own topic now.
When you want to add some comments to a still closed topic, you can open a new one and we will merge it in the reference topic or we can re-open the topic … of course, when we know what topic you mean (or when we know the reference).

Thank you,

Thanks, 7 days is an improvement on 2 days :smile:
Maybe one day you will consider extending that to 1 month ? (or not)

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