Too Funny, if it were not so sad

So sad …

Maybe it’s just the CLOSE message than now needs to be updated to say 7 days ??

Hi! Not sure what the history behind this may be, but I think I can clarify something!

If your topic is not marked as solved, it will close 7 days after the last post.
If your topic is marked as solved, it will close 2 days after the last post.

In the majority of cases, this makes perfect sense! In many scenarios, we actually close threads immediately upon solving them. It sounds like you have had situations where you wish that a topic stayed open even after a solution had been provided?

I hope you understand our reasoning behind this! If you determine that your issue is, in fact, not solved despite being marked a such, feel free to make us aware of this and we’ll “un-solve” it, or you can do that yourself (I think)!

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