Automatically remove feature votes when a feature is implemented

This is obviously a meta feature request, but it came to mind when I tried to vote up a feature and couldn’t. Of course, I don’t know if this is technically feasible with the board software.

Could the forum automatically remove votes or stop counting them when a feature/wishlist request is closed as implemented?


What is your motivation? We mark such topics as solved, which should then be visible when scrolling through the list. Are you looking for increased visibility for topics with lower amounts of votes?

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No, I think visibility is fine. It’s that if a wishlisted feature is ultimately closed as implemented, the user has to go back and find the topic and remove their vote in order to be able to vote for something that has not yet been implemented.

Hmmm, you should have one vote per topic. Is that not the case?

If the topic is closed or archived, the votes are released and can be applied to other topics, but the vote count on the topic remains!

Ah, I think the votes might not be getting released - I had to manually unvote the Zibo fms topic to vote on something else

That’s odd! It’s probably a bug on the forum’s side, nothing we can fix, unfortunately…

I’m happy to hear that you found a workaround!

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