Please clarify this aspect of the cookies policy

In section 6 of your privacy policy you state:

Any processing of personal data that we carry out by using Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and other cookies is optional, and we rely on your consent to justify such processing. On our website we have included a “cookie consent-module”, available at all times, where you are able to freely choose to allow or restrict any cookies or processing through Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. The “cookie consent-module” further includes links to relevant privacy documents of Google and Facebook.

However I see no such module on the website, only a banner saying that by using the website I consent to your use of cookies. So unlike the quoted paragraph it seems either 100% of cookies are accepted, or I don’t use the website.

Can you please explain this apparent discrepancy?

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Thank you for notifying us. We’re having some technical issues in deploying the consent module on the website, but we hope to resolve it in the next few days. We’re sorry for the delay.


Did this ever get fixed? I believe it’s causing issues.

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