Endless loop: No login possible (solved)

Only for information to help other people with the same problem.
When I used the browser edge instead of Chrome the problem were eliminated. Changing the browser was a hint from the Navigraph support.

The problem:
Calling the page SimBrief - Dispatch.
Button “Accept all cookies” and button “Sign in” pressed.
It appears: “Sign in to your Navigraph Account”. I filled in the form.
Afterwards I land again on the page SimBrief - Dispatch with “SimBrief by Navigraph”.
If I now press the “Sign In” button, the same screen with “Sign In” appears again and again on the same page (SimBrief - Dispatch).

Hi, thanks for letting us know! Glad you got it working.

My guess is that cookies are being blocked, either in the Chrome browser settings, or possibly by a browser extension you have installed. Hard to say from a distance though.

If it’s a browser extension, running Chrome in incognito mode might disable the extension. Or you can disable extensions manually from the Chrome settings.

If that doesn’t work, try checking your Cookie settings in Chrome (to go to them directly, type chrome://settings/cookies in the address bar).

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