Too many pop-ups

I love Simbrief and the charts app, but can we scale down the pop-ups PLEASE! too many asking for permissions (Cookies) and New Features? Yes we have said yes, and yes we know about your New features, can WE NOW turn them off?


These pop-ups will only repeatedly appear if your browser is clearing/removing cookies between sessions. Some other functionality is likely also not working as a result, such as saving certain defaults. I imagine you are also having to log in each time?

The New Features pop-up will be removed eventually, but not quite yet. But the cookies pop-up and login issue will continue to reappear for as long as your browser keeps blocking/clearing cookies.

If you are using a “Private Window” to visit the website then this is normal, since private windows do not store any cookies between sessions. If not, then perhaps take a look at your browser’s cookie settings, or try some of the recommendations here: Enable Cookies in Firefox -

Best regards,

Thank you for the reply, I have adjusted my Firefox cookie settings, honestly you need big firewalls to keep the crap out, it hurts everyone, you and me.