Can't subscribe or sign in to main site

I tried clicking the modals for paypal/credit card and nothing happened. I tried logging out and back on and now it just says “Sign In” no matter what.

Same issue in Edge and Chrome it seems.

console errors are sus


Is this still occurring? We shall investigate.

Can you use another device to subscribe?


negative. it happens on Android as well.

Sounds like a firewall issue in your local network. We are unable to reproduce here.

Could you switch to a mobile broadband network and try it there?



Here I figured it out by browsing the forums for recent issues. Cookies - your website has a feature in “cookie settings” to disable 3rd party tracking cookies used for ads. This breaks your website.

Thank you for the advice. We shall investigate.


Ty, see you Tuesday - on a mandatory Federal holiday - Dr King, yo.