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I have always used the Chrome browser with simbrief. However, when trying to log on today I get a message to enable all cookies which is already selected in the Chrom settings. I’ve had to access Simbrief using the Edge browser.


In Chrome , try disabling cookies, restarting Chrome , then re-enabling cookies :thinking:


I’m sorry to say it didn’t work.

Hi, do you have any browser extensions/add-ons that might be blocking the cookies? For example Ad Blockers or Privacy add-ons sometimes do this.

Please try disabling all browser add-ons in Chrome. You can also try opening an Incognito window in Chrome to test if that works.

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I checked all the suggestions. Here’s what happened this am. I signed on with Edge and made a flight plan. Then opened the flight plan in LNM so I could pick the approach and follow the flight. When I then told LNM to open the flight plan in Simbrief, it opened it in the Chrome Browser and all was fine from then on. I think I’ll never fully understand computers but all seems well now.

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