Please add the heading to the leg information

It pains me that I have to use littlenavmap just because I can’t know the headings for my legs.

In here, for example, a new field can be added:

Hello, and thanks for reaching out. Just a few things ensure that you have departure and arrival airports entered. If you look at the leg, you will see heading and mileage.

Is there specific rules for when it appears like that? Sometimes I see it, and sometimes it will just write “DIR” without any range or course.

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Hello again, ensure that you are in VFR mode? There is flight mode and that should be checked as well as the map layers.

Not sure what’s specifically happening in the examples, but I do agree about missing heading information. The heading and distance on each leg is incredibly useful, but it only displays when going direct from one waypoint to another. If it’s on a SID, STAR, or airway, you don’t get the heading/distance information.

Hello again. In those cases that information is depicted on the chart. Hope that helps