Request: Altitude / Speed / heading information

Dear Navigraph

First off, superb product and forum!

It would be immensely helpful if we could display aircraft flight information next to the pink arrow when cruising. As we all know, MSFS and its infamous autopilot is sketchy at best and sometimes throws the plane off course. I use Navigraph to monitor my flight when I’m not near the PC and it would be awesome to know when to go back and correct any errors that the AP may have committed.

This shouldn’t be too difficult to implement as all this information can be taken from simconnect?

Best wishes

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Thank you for the kind words and suggestion which is in the potential backlog for the next Charts version



Could you please consider the inclusion of flight details e.g. altitude, distance to destination etc. if possible in your future release?

Something similar to what ForeFlight has at the bottom row that includes these and others on the map function.

Thank you.


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I have moved your post to this topic where a similar request has been noted and placed in the backlog.



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