Add distance & track to dashed flightplan legs


Presently when constructing a flightplan in Charts, if only the departure and destination are provided, with no route, the map screen will show a solid track line, with distance and bearing information, as shown below.

As soon as an enroute waypoint is added to the flightplan, the first and last segments become dashed, and no distance and track information is provided, again, as shown below.

I understand this occurs because Charts is expecting departure/arrival/approach procedures to be included in the flightplan, but not all airports have these procedures. Would it be possible to add the distance & track data to these dashed lines too?

This would be very helpful for flights to/from airports without Dep/Arr/Apr procedures, as sometimes I’d like to know the distance and track from the nearest NAVAID to a small airstrip.

Thank you.

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Hi! Thanks for creating this topic.

Have you tried setting the flight mode to VFR? You can do so in the flight options and it sounds like it could improve your situation!

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Thanks for the suggestion. It does seem to provide a temporary solution, but when I include an approach in the flight plan, it doesn’t always work.

Here’s is an example in IFR mode, with two dashed route segments.

When I change the flight mode to VFR, the first leg changes to a solid line, with distance/bearing data, but the second leg remains dashed without this data.

I don’t have an issue with the dashed lines, it would just be nice to have the distance/bearing data available too, that’s all. I’m flying the BlackSquare aircraft a lot at the moment, and my favorite setup is without any GPS, using the RNAV computer as the primary navigation means. Until we have another means of measuring distances and bearings, using flight plan legs to calculate distance/bearing is the easiest method.

I see your point! Thanks again for creating this topic!

This is a real issue which prevents the creation of a flight log / plan. (Another missing feature.) SkyVector does this real good for free.

Feel free to vote for this topic (and bring others to do the same) if you feel strongly about this!