Heading and distance between waypoints/VOR

I know I saw something in the formus about this before but for the life of me I can’t remember where it was.

The DCT between an airport and first waypoint does not give you distance or heading. Since update 8 I have been trying only to use Navigraph for my needs and not swapping between Skyvector and Navigraph for VFR planning. In this example it is a simple VOR-VOR flight plan. But without knowing the heading or distance to and from the VOR’s it makes it pretty pointless. I have tried adding departure runways, highlighting the section, and selecting different waypoints, VOR’s or DMEs.

Is this a limitation of Navigraph and I will still need to use other software to get those headings?

Figured out for those who might want to know. Change the flight to VFR. Good talk.

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