Flight Plan do not indicate leg heading

HI, I make a Flight plan in the web client but i can’t find Flifgt Plan leg heading


Hi Raul,


Clicking on charts segments and selecting Fixes does sometimes provide magnetic course. We shall look at providing a more comprehensive heading capability in a future Charts release

Adding headings, altitude speed in moving map is being considered for a future Charts release.


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Excellent, thanks


Yes, thank you for considering this. I would also love a way to print out such a complete flight plan for backup. Grateful for this program/tool! -Brian

I agree with OP, a flight plan printout with leg headings and altitude is a must… Sometimes the flight plan includes legs which are not along radials and/or use GPS fixes: a heading is sorely needed.

If I may: in such printout, indications about obstacles altitude along the route (like simbrief flight plan has) would be great too

+1 request for the leg headings please (including legs marked as “Vectors”) !

Sorry to revive an old thread, I see the OP first requested in 2018.

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