"Pinned" Current Versions of FMS Data, Navigraph Navdata, and Airac revisions for both

Is there a “pinned” topic under FAQ or something showing current versions of both applications and maybe the current AIRAC for both.

For the installers themselves, can we please have the version on the file download? For example, I have beta 1.0.0-beta.23 installed so the download for MSFS would be something like Navigraph_1.0.0-beta.23.exe for this installer. The same for the installer on the FMS Data download would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Hi Steven,
there are our release notes


Navigraph Installer

Do you need more, or have I misunderstood you here.


I was just thinking that we need a file version like 1.0.0-beta.23 So we know when to upgrade the client. Is my version here the latest? But having the filename does show the version of the client would be most helpful. Thanks.

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Hi Steven,

We are looking into significant changes to the Navdata AIRAC installer and will certainly consider your suggestion.


Greetings Ian and Richard,
There is no doubt you guys do a great job supporting us and replying with substantive answers, thank you. But I just wanted to reiterate how important it is to have a Pinned reference to the latest Navigraph installer with the version in the filename as well as the AIRAC version somewhere. I just stumbled upon the fact that you now have Navigraph Navdata Client 2101 rev 3 or we don’t even know if 1.0.0-beta.23 is the latest and greatest. All we need is a pinned version list where you show the latest along with previous if that is possible. Thanks.