Pinned charts have scroll bars (possible due to incorrect screen resizing)

My setup

iPhone 8 - iOS 16.3

What I expected to happen.

Browsing the automatically pinned charts list from a generated route should be as seamless as it is on the desktop, with horizontal scrolling via multi touch being the most common gesture

What actually happened

It would seem the frame area for where the pinned charts are not high enough and due to that vertical scroll bars appear when moving across the pinned charts list making it able to accidentally move a specific chart out of frame (more specifically the charts full name)

Hello! Thank you for the feedback, and sorry we didn’t answer this before the release. That’s bad style on our part, apologies!

Can you still reproduce this in the current app? We might have had some issues with font scaling that could have affected this, but that has since been fixed.

Let me know if you can still reproduce this in the released version of the app!

Kind Regards,

No worries and no need to apologize! Just wanted to bring attention to it to improve the user experience for others if they hadn’t notice it as much!

Just tried the last update on the same device and it works indeed as expected now and there are now vertical scroll functionally incorrectly there! Great work guys!

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