Pinned charts do not remain pinned

I noticed that when I leave Navigraph Charts (Windows desktop) and then return later, none of the charts I had previously pinned are there All preferred charts need to be re-pinned again. This happened after the latest release of Navigraph Charts for desktop (Windows).
Could you check please? I like my charts to remain pinned for use later,
Many thanks
Father Dane


Not able to reproduce this. Which version of the desktop app are you running? Check settings. The latest is 7.3.6.

If you are on this version and it remains, could you post two screenshots, one before (with pinned charts) and one after restart (missing the pinned charts)?




Thank you for the response. The two screenshots are attached. I pinned all the charts as you see in pinned.jpg but after leaving, the pinned area is empty. The second screenshot shows the version as well.

My Windows version is 10 Pro, 64 bit and is the latest upgrade and release with all the latest patches as well.

I have not added any new programmes to the computer, but this has only just started to act up this past few days. It was working great when I used desktop charts last Friday.

I also checked with and it is the same. If I pin anything in that, they are not saved for the next time.

Oh, and by the way, I have four computers that I use here: one is a Windows tablet mounted on my yoke, and the others are desktop models that I use for planning a flight or for making a YouTube video. Desktop charts is loaded on to each one but none of them save any pinned charts. So it is not just one Windows computer, but all of them.

Please let me know if you need any further checks at my end.

Best wishes

Father Dane

I saw that the problem has been resolved. Thank you. You fellows are steely-eyed rocket scientists! Well done!
Many thanks,
Father Dane d