Payment Discrepancies

Since Navigraph support is in denial, especially so for one of the staff named Malin Soderlund, insisting that I did not pay for my October 2021 subscription, I shall just air it here for everyone to judge. I use a top-up Mastercard for my charts/FMS payment monthly, to prevent merchants from performing unauthorised transactions, so I top it up before a payment for it to go through. Look at the screenshots for a clearer understanding.

9th October 3.01pm - Navigraph attempted a charge, it was declined as I forgot to top it up
10th October 3.11pm - Navigraph attempted a 2nd charge, it went through as I topped it up that day, my card provider even awarded me 80 points for it (look at the attachment)
10th October 3.12pm - Navigraph attempted a 3rd charge, probably because the system did not register the one done 1 minute ago. It has a different transaction ID from the 3.11pm one.
11th October 3.13pm - Navigraph attempted a 4th charge, declined because there were no funds left
12th October 3.13pm - Navigraph attempted a 5th charge, declined because there were no funds left

It is clear the attempts on 11th and 12th October were made because the system thinks the one on 10th October did not go through, but it did! I have been using and paying for my Navigraph subsciption for years and I really really have no need to cheat Navigraph of 13.34 Singapore dollars. If I wanted to, I would have done it years ago, but your support staff is so stubborn despite me showing all the evidence in his face! So beware of Navigraph’s attempts at double charging your card guys, check your transactions monthly!

So while Malin Soderlund is acting like a banking expert, telling me the bank is just holding the funds and that it is impossible for the Navigraph system to do a double charge, I have called the card provider and they indeed told me there were 2 attempts to charge the card by the merchant on that day. So Malin Soderlund, asking me to request for a chargeback does not solve my issue, it just basically gets me a refund, then I have to resubscribe to Navigraph thereafter. It just wastes more time, please just get your act together. Now you know why I have to resort to using a top-up Mastercard?

Hi Leslie,

I am Stephen, CTO of Navigraph.

I have cross checked this issue and Malin’s response, and I can confirm that her assessment of the issue is 100% correct. We can see all your payment failures on our side, but we don’t see that successful one. Just because you show a screenshot of a payment doesn’t mean that the payment is effective, but it is a reservation, and as we have not received any funds from you that payment will be automatically reversed by your bank. If if hasn’t in 3 banking days after your payment then you should claim this as a chargeback by your bank.

I am not doubting that you are honest and would not cheat us 13.34 Singapore dollars. We never think this of any of our customers. But also, please turn the argument around. Why would we as a business with almost 20 years in the market try to cheat one of our customers of 13.34 Singapore dollars? That makes no business sense at all as we would be out of business in no time if our customers don’t trust us back. We would of course never be dishonest. When we say we have gotten no funds from you, then this is true. I have even manually cross checked the raw logs for all successful Mastercard payments that happened in the minutes around that failed attempt on the 10th, and all of them can be linked to other customers.

Between you and us are our banks, and these are black boxes where we don’t know exactly what happens and why. We have done everything we can on our side to try to find our if we’ve made an error on our side, but cannot find any. Please contact your bank again and ask them if the “successful” one is actually not a confirmed payment but merely a reservation. If it hasn’t been reversed automatically in a day or two from now, you’ll need to file for a chargeback as in this case it seems like it is your bank or our bank that is failing, and in this way you will not lose any funds.

While you do that I can recommend you to top up your card again and make another attempt tomorrow, if you trust us, that is, which I hope you do.



Hello Stephen,

That’s disappointing coming from the CTO and co-founder of Navigraph. I have checked with the card provider and they replied that they can confirm the charge went through on 10/10/2021 at 3.11pm Singapore time (0711 UTC). Refer to the attached screenshot.

Look, I have provided all evidence, all transactions, but you have provided none, yet you are still in denial. All you have been saying is you have checked, but I have the records of denied and approved transactions.

I am in disbelief that you think I am here to shortchange you of 13.34 Singapore dollars. Look at the screenshot.

We can’t provide evidence of a transaction that we don’t see. This is the complete picture of what we see regarding your payments this year, but I don’t think you are disputing any of these transactions:

Not at all! If you read my reply again, I suspect it is either our bank or ours that have made some mistake. And this is why we are in this situation - we are both correct in our observations.

But regardless of which bank has made a mistake, the solution is really quite simple, since you as a customer has all the power in your hands when it comes to online payments:

Wait until tomorrow, and if it still is listed as a charge on your card, then just file a chargeback and the issue, wherever it is, will resolve itself and you will not lose anything. I regret this inconvenience that you are experiencing, I understand your frustration, but the vast majority of the thousands of payments we process each day succeed without issue, just like your successful payments in the past.