Idea for a possible alternate subscription method - India

Hi there Navigraph team!

I noticed recently that the payments interface was updated slightly, and didn’t have us going to a separate portal for credit card payments. Having not been able to subscribe due to the problem with subscription payments in India, I attempted again, and alas it didn’t work.

Although, I do have a slightly more convenient idea than the ones I’ve suggested before for a temporary arrangement we can perhaps make for Indian cards to avail Navigraph subscriptions. I see that Navigraph Charts App is indeed available on iOS (at least for iPad which I used). Many many app developers whether indie, one-man-company, or major ones use or have started using the “Apple Balance” system for subscriptions here in India.

So Apple has implemented a wallet-like system in India wherein we can store money as “balance” by paying a certain amount - simple transaction and storage. Apps and companies on iOS allow us to use that balance to pay for subscriptions and that works perfectly; once the balance is insufficient, the subscription automatically cancels with warnings etc. Because Navigraph has an app on iOS or at least iPadOS, this can be a very streamlined basis for us to pay if you can offer subscriptions through the app. That can be a win-win for all of us. Please do consider it. After having used Navigraph for a year-and-a-half, it’s strange to not be able to use it due to some local rule changes.

Warm Regards,

Just to update you guys, and everyone here in India - the PayPal method worked for me! It didn’t use to before for this subscription payment, but it’s finally all set and running. I’m back with a Navigraph sub. Use that guys, thanks and cheers!

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