Unable to renew subscription

I’m not sure if this is a proper place to discuss payment issues, but I send an email with my case description to the recommended email: account@navigraph.com on May 12 2024 no answer (even automatic) after a month of waiting, so I’ll try to describe it here.

I’m trying to renew my subscription using debit MasterCard of a major bank in Spain with enough of balance in euros.

After submitting all the card numbers the payment workflow redirects me on my bank payment page, waiting while I authorize my payment using mobile app.

After payment authorization the payment workflow on navigraph side redirects me to the initial payment page

And in the redirection moment I have several errors in the browser console

And after several seconds my bank application show me the message

Also I tried to use my debit MasterCard of another country (Republic of Georgia) with account, deposited in USD - also no luck with same behaviour (I made hundreds purchases from it in Euro and never faced any problems)

Please help me to buy your subscription.

It’s looks like the issue cannot be solved?



We cant find any email to account@navigraph.com from you.

Please send email to account@navigraph.com and we shall try to assist. Please be aware not all Debit Cards are accepted.

Also please note Statement from Navigraph on operations in Russia.


Also please note [Statement from Navigraph on operations in Russia]

Yes, that seems to be the reason.
But im not in Russia and not currently using any cards or something related to Russia.
I changed the country settings and removed all outdated payment types but no luck.

Also I send a new letter to account@navigraph.com but I suspect you will never get it as the previous one because of mailgun blacklist or whatever do you use.

After that I created a new account and… voila - the payment succeed!

I have a lot to say about this… you shadow-banned accounts by criteria of nationality no matter where do the russian person live.

Went to cut out a yellow star with “RUSSIAN” on it to stick on my breast.
This will be a solution.

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