Navigraph FMS data Manager does not detect PMDG 737 NGXu on P3D v 5.1

Hello ,

The FMC of PMDG 737 NGXu on P3D v 5.1, does not show the update of the current cycle.
FMS Data Manager, does not find automatically the navdata path for the pmdg for P3D. Is worth mentioning that I have FSX on C:\ and P3D on E:\ both with PMDG 737 products and the only one automatically missing is the P3D V5.1 PMDG.

I manually enter the path E:\Prepar3d\PMDG\NAVDATA\ but is not working.
As well in P3D V5.1 I set the correct date and time.

Windows 10 I7-9700k 3.60ghz 32gb Both solid state drive disks


Hello Marc! Welcome to the forum.

The path that should be manually entered is actually E:\Prepar3d\PMDG\, without the NAVDATA at the end.

With the above configuration, the FMC should now show the updated AIRAC cycle.


If that still is not the case, please advise and we’ll start troubleshooting!


Hey, mine is exactly like yours, however when I start the aircraft, says it is out of date and the route, origin, dest do not work,

Hi Mateus,


If you are saying you have the correct AIRAC details in Ident page, but still getting Out of Data message,

Please see FAQ - Nav Data Out Of Date, particularly 3rd para. Suggest set the FS to run in System Time.