Cant install new airac in pmdg777

hi just downloaded airac 2207 but
i just bought p3d and the pmdg777 with it …i cant get navigraph to download the new airac for the p3d pmdg 777…i have not got the right path
ive tried about 8 paths and not one worked
i have windows 10 64 bit
any help is really appreciated
rgds ken hanson cyyc

Hi Ken,


The path for PMDG products in P3D v5 is …your P3D v5\PMDG

This should be detected in latest [FMS Data Manager] (Navigraph)

For Manual install (noting my P3D v5 is on my F drive, yours will likely be different)


hi Ian…thanks for your quick response
i installed p3d in c program files lockheedmartin…which i think was wrong
so i put it in D…
i tried thr airac and it WORKED
thank you so much
much appreciated ken hanson cyyc

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Hi Ken,

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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