P3d4.4 will not completely load after airac2309

installed the new data manager last month and updated to airac2310 . updated ok, but now P3d ver 4.45 starts to load then crashes… tried the new update to data mgr today and downloaded airac 2311 then started P3d and it crashes again- revert back to airac2309 and everything works fine-
any suggestions>

forgot- iFly 373NG 3.2 and above

iFly 737NG 3.2 and above

Manually updated the path in data manager with an additional subfolder-- auto find only had partial path— ifly\ 737NG
new path iFly\ 737NG \navdata
now it works–

WELL back to orig problem- the new path merely added another level. and didn’t copy the new stuff –

it appears the WPNAVAID, WPMAVPT WPNAVFIX WPNAVRTE.txt files are the culprits…
I was able to copy the 10-23-23 index file (14179kb) to the NG folder and to the navdata folder and they work ok… can copy the cycle files, but that would give erroneous info in the FMC-

Hi Wayne,
please update your iFly to the newest version. There was a limitation according the amount of waypoints in the iFly addons which they have fixed last month. Therefore the crash.

Here isthe reference pisting from iFly to this:

So, it’s not a navdata issue - it was a iFly issue which is now fixed.


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