Ifly 737ng CBE with 2310

i have a full blowing sim with opencockpit hardare and all works great till 2310 update have tryed patch to no luck so i require a ver for 2309 it worked fine be for 2310 how do i get a copy please need to keep flying i have now installed ifly737ng back to base with 1302 so please help with this
cheers mark

please can you explain what is not working with 2310?

Do you use P3Dv45 with the iFly737? When yes, iFly is working on a fix because it´s not a navdata issue but we have offered a updated waypoint-file which is available in the iFly forum:

With this file, AIRAC 2310 works as expected … For all other sim, we haven´t received any issue. So when you don´t use the sim in the version P3Dv45, please give us a detailed description, why 2310 is not working on your system.

We don´t offer outdated cycles.

Thank you,

It keeps crashing back to desktop I am running 4.5 CBE this was work with 2309 before update what more can I say ever with your fix

Cheers mark

Hi Mark,

This issue is due to a limitation in the iFly version - it´s not a navdata issue. We have tested this fix with the P3Dv45 version (also iFly) but I can´t test it with the CBE version. So please contact iFly and/or their forum about any new information about the fix.

Sorry & thank you,

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