Option for no map, just charts

Hello everyone.

I am very new to Navigraph, and it is taking me a while to become comfortable with the interface.

I want to know if there is a way to use it in a “chart only” mode, without the big map, and without needing to add a flight to it?

I would like to search for an airport, pin a few charts, then search for another airport and pin a few charts.

Is this possible?

Thank you all :slightly_smiling_face:



If you enter your airport code in Search top left, you can then click on charts symbol which brings up - STAR/APP/TAXI/SID/REF as you wish.

Pinning charts requires a plan which can be just Origin and Destination airports.

We are developing a new Charts version which will have an enhanced user interface.


Thank you for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:
And thank you for the effort that goes into this product.
I will use to and from airports :flight_departure::flight_arrival:

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