Pinning Airport Charts out of Current Flight Plan

Hi there,
Why we are not able to pin charts in a freely manner? Personnally I use PFPX, flight plan is inserted directly to the FMS, during the flight when dealing with alternates I can’t pin charts not belonging to the current flight plan. Will be nice to unlock this limitation.
Just allow to pin whatever airport charts independently of any flight plan.
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Hello Marc! Welcome to the forum.

Thank you for your feedback, it’s always appreciated. We used to provide the ability to pin any charts to the pinboard, but it has since been redesigned in a way that orders the charts intuitively by Origin -Destination - Alternate, and this change requires some restrictions to what charts can be pinned.

It is my understanding that you want to include the charts for your alternates? If that is the case, please add your alternates to the flight plan and you’ll be able to pin charts for them.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Hello Malte,
I appreciate the intuitivity offered by origin-destination including alternates for pinning charts, but why it is limited to these airports?
My request is to have the total freedom about which airports charts I want to pin, independently of any flight plan.
After all we pay for an unlimited access for all provided charts and so our choice for which we want to pin.
It seems obvious to me.
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You do have unlimited access to all charts. Pinning is a feature linked to another feature (the Flight), just like the route calculator.

We could not facilitate pinning of random airports as that would break the logical flow of the pinboard as Malte described. What if you have a flight open with pinned charts and you open a non-flight airport and pin charts, it is not obvious where these should appear, it can be very confusing for the user. Opposite too, you don’t have a flight open, and pin charts to a random airport, and then open a flight with pinned items, can also be very confusing. Pressing the delete pinboard then, should it delete only the pins in the flight, or for both the flight and the random airport, or for all random airports? Even more - if you pinned charts to a specific airport, say KJFK, that are important for you in a specific context, say landing (so STAR, APP, and TAXI charts) - and then suddenly plan a flight putting KJFK as departure, those pinned items don’t make sense as you want SIDs pinned now. The UI becomes much more complex regarding the pinboard with what you propose, and this together with the relatively limited interest in such a function, contributed to our decision.

If you describe your use case a little more in detail then we can understand your point of view better and take it into consideration for the future. Why is it important to pin charts without a flight? Why don’t you use the Flights feature?



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