Suggestion for automatic charts

It would be excellent if when starting/importing a new flight plan if the Origin and Destination airports had the Taxi/Airport Info (10-9) charts automatically selected (pinned).

Also if an approach is known the corresponding APP (11-x or 12-x) chart could be automatically selected (pinned).




Automatic pinning or selecting of charts based on flight plan has been suggested before and will be considered for the next major release of Charts. Thank you for the suggestion.


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Yes, I have suggested this a long time ago :wink:
(in the old forum however)

Flying the CJ4 I can see a perfect solution as this addon chooses the charts based on the flightplan I have entered in the FMC.
Same thing I’d like to see in Navigraph also please!

And also the possibility to make some kind of “favorite type charts”: as the airport charts have many, many pages I do really never read or use (should I? :wink: ), I would like to reduce the amount of charts to this types I just need and grey the others out or hide them.

So, hope, you Navigraph guys find more ways to save us users some mouseclicks! We are lazy by nature!