Open Navigraph charts from SimBrief

When I generate a flight plan and then try to open Navigraph charts like for departure or arrival airport, the new page opens in the browser asking me to sign in to charts. When I click sign in nothing happens, the page just refreshes with the same blue ‘Sign in’ button. It does not matter what browser I use, if does not matter if I use different PC. I even tried to open it from other PCs outside my house. No luck, I cannot sign if to charts if I try to open it from SimBrief. However, I can login to online charts if just log in directly from It looks like the link from SimBrief is broken, at least for me.


At Navigraph try signing out of SimBrief and Charts Cloud.


Thanks for the reply. That did not help. What does help (sometimes!) if I copy the entire link from the address line and past it in a new tab then refresh it. It let me sign it. But gain, this way it does not always work.

I guess there is no solution to this.

We can confirm there is an issue in some cases and we are investigating it. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Thank you for your response.

As of today, the function (link) to open my Simbrief flightplan into the Navigraph charts, is no longer working.
This issue I have in MS Edge, not in Chrome.
As suggested I have already signed out of all my accounts but still the link will only open the Navigraph ‘What’s new …’ page with the Sign in button. From there nothing will happen.
Is this caused by an update? And how to solve it?

As Stephen responded above, this is being investigated. We just have to wait and see.

according to the release notes it should be fixed in today’s update.

Works perfectly on my iPad. Will test on PC later on today.

Hi Team,

Yes, this is fixed today as per SimBrief changelog:

Please confirm all is working.


Working now for me on mobile devices and PC.

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