Charts do not open out of Simbrief

the last couple of days I have noticed when I click the charts in any flight plan generated in Simbrief the related airport chart does not load (one of the new features). Instead, I am presented with Navigraph login screen which continues asking for my creds even though I can log in to my Navigraph account seperately.


It is a normal web link opening in your browser. If you sign in it should remember you the next time. Does it not?



Hello, I’ve been having the same problem for a few days! When I try to open the flight plan in the charts, the command comes up to log me into charts and when I enter my details I always come back to the login screen! Why???

this started happening to me yesterday. it’s only with chrome on my mac laptop. works fine in safari. also works fine with chrome on my pc. not sure why it stopped working it’s been working fine for many months…

i solved it by logging out of all of my navigraph related stuff…the main site, the forums, and simbrief. after re-logging in everything seems back to normal.

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