NZQN RNP Procedures - Incorrect altitude constraints

Op System: Win 10
FS Version: MSFS
Add-on: Fenix A320, FBW A32NX
AIRAC Update No: 2205
Problem Details: All RNP-AR approaches at NZQN appear to have incorrect altitude constraints when compared with their AIP charts. In some cases this results in “TOO STEEP” path errors in the FMS.

RWY05-Y - Incorrect altitudes, some fixed instead of “Above”
RWY05-Z - Correct altitudes, but should be “Above” instead of fixed
RWY23-Y - Incorrect altitudes, some fixed instead of “Above”
RWY23-Z - Correct altitudes, but should be “Above” instead of fixed

Reference AIP Charts:


thanks for the report - these procedures are tailored procedures - handmade by one of our customer, therefore it could be that not all is 100% correct. We have also received an report from the FBW devs to this approachs, which we must also be fixed … We will check, if we can improve it but be patience, that´s not a task for the next couple of weeks, sorry.

But I have added it to our task-list and I will look on it … I will let this topic open, till it´s fixed.

Thanks again

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G’day TehHoggs, I have coded these tailored approaches to have fixed altitudes for the RNP AR approaches to ensure correct glide path alignment. I have not revisited the tailored data for a while as I believe there were issues with tailored data and MSFS development. I will get back to checking all my tailored data against recently updated charts soon to ensure it is current and up to date. Also some of the speed and altitude constraints were taken from airline specific procedures which might explain other anomalies from the published charts.
Richard can you please confirm it is OK to try tailored data again now that MSFS has evolved somehwhat? Regards Martin

Hi stewamar, thanks for the response!

I guess my own thoughts: ignoring MSFS itself, many addon modules in the sim have come a long way, and now have significantly improved VNAV implementations. E.g. FBW, Fenix, PMDG etc. are now all capable of calculating a good descent path on their own without being helped along. In several of these aircraft I have manually overridden the constrains to match the charts and had a much more successful approach.

Notably the Fenix actually reports an error in the FMC on 23-Y due to the path between two waypoints being too steep.

Hi, just checking in to see if there’s any update on this?

Yes, the updated tailored records from @stewamar are implemented in AIRAC 2208, which comes out on thursday, Aug 11 …

Hope that helps


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