NZQN RNP Approaches Not Selectable

The NZQN RNP approaches 05 Z and 23 Z are not selectable in the charts client.

The charts are available under the airport approaches tab.

Hi tracernz

Did you get an answer to this? I have the same problem. Also with ANPOV3B SID from Rwy 23 at NZQN. There is a chart for it in the charts app (10-3J) and I can select that SID in my plane, Toliss A319, but it does not show up on Charts as one of the possible SIDs.

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No, no anwser. I noticed none of the RNP SIDs are available for selection either, and show an error when imported from SimBrief into the Charts application.

Hi Team,

Please Richard’s post at RNAV Queenstown.


Thanks for the reply. So the navdata is there, and the charts are available in the sidebar of the charts app, but just not selectable as part of your route on the top bar of the charts app. It’s easy enough to pin the charts and access them from the bottom bar, so the situation is still workable.

Hi Ian

Thanks for the very quick reply. OK that explains why it doesn’t work, thanks. I was thinking I might have been doing something wrong but could not work out what. As tracernz says it is still quite workable. I love this Charts app and the Navigraph subscription. Being able to pull up the current charts for any airport in the world is outstanding. Hardly a day goes by without me using it for something.

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You are welcome.

Thank you for the kind words.

Happy flying.