NZQN source data issue and missing charts

I’ve noticed multiple data issues at NZQN Queenstown. I am up-to-date with Navigraph’s AIRAC 2307. I’ve noticed that all the SID data is still labelled with the previous iterations, i.e. current ANPOV4A SID is still ANPOV3A in the navdata. I have checked this in the main Navigraph navdata set (in the A310 and FBW), in the Fenix navdata, the PMDG navdata, and the CRJ navdata - all have not been updated.

Additionally, it looks like the RNP-Y charts are missing from the Approach Charts for the airport. They exist in the New Zealand AIP as published 14th April 2023: gen0_6 (, but are not available in the Navigraph Charts app. These being important for the CAT C and D aircraft due to the different missed approach procedure (where the RNP-Z is for CAT B only).

Example screenshots of the outdated SID names below

A310 data from the world map showing outdated SIDs:

Similar with the PMDG 737:

And with the Fenix A320:

Navigraph/Jeppesen Chart ANPOV4A (from the Navigraph Charts app), updated 14 APR 2023


Hi Ashleigh,

Thanks for the report. NZQN has many handmade records (=tailored records), which will not be updated in the same cycle/period due the huge effort.

Due the party special approaches with special trainings, aircraft equipment, for special airlines only, … not all approaches will be offered in the public dataset from NZ. Therefore these approaches must be coded manually. @stewamar is our helpful guy for these procedures and I’m pretty sure, that we shall update NZQN in the near future, but there is no timeline for it, sorry.

Again, not all approaches will be offered directly from NZ even if they are in the AIP. This is due the different regulations. We do our best to update it soon, at least the data. For the charts we have no chance.


G’day Richard and Ashleigh,

update has been sent via email to cover these changes to NZQN procedures.

Best regards, Martin YBLT :wink:

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Thanks Martin (@stewamar) … Received, great job and thanks for your effort and fast answer.

We will add the data with AIRAC 2309. AIRAC 2308 is ready and uploaded.

Thanks again for all your help and support!!


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