Noth Pole issue - World Updates

Previously we were told than the User Waypoint North Pole issue was cause by not having ALL the World Updates Installed.

That did not fix the issue for me, but what did was making sure that User Waypoints had a dummy ICAO tag, (not included with World map generated flight plans, but are included with, say, a LNM generated FP.

Now we have a new Wold Update X1V : Central Eastern Europe.

So, is its still Naviagraph’s requirement, to have ALL worlds updates installed to prevent the User Waypoint - North Pole issue, or has/should that advice be modified, to only require that user waypoints have that dummy ICAO tag, and it is not really necessary to have all those World Updates installed ?

FYI: See MSFS Forum post .

Thanks for the info … great when this workaround (even it’s funny) is working for you.


FUNNY ? I do not find that wasting so much time on this to be “FUNNY”, especially when the solution comes from someone outside of navigraph

I am not saying its of any fault due to navigraph, but if there was correct documentation from Asobo on the format of the .pln file, then everyone could be on the same page, and these issues then would probably not occur.

The strange thing is that a ,pln with user waypoints without the dummy ICAO tags, works fine without navigraph in community, but when navigraph is present, seems to require that fake dummy ICAO tag to allow MSFS to correctly read the user Waypoint entry.

If Navigarph has any Communication Channels with Asobo, maybe this would be something to discuss with them… as the Asobo l World Map create, save & reload flight plans seem to have got severely broken with recent SUs, and the addition of navigraph in community folder just affects it and makes it worse.

FYI. The user waypoint / North Pole issue is fixed by the introduction of the fake ICAO tags, even if most of the World updates are removed, making the requirement to have ALL World Updates installed seem an invalid solution to the problem.

No, its not an invalid solution. Its another solution (or more a workaround) till ASOBO/MS fixes the root course of the issue.


Since these Asobo issue seem to be worse when Navigraph is loaded, are you in contact with Asobo about this specific issue, and do you know if they are addressing this yet.

One would hope if they are addressing this, they will also include in that effort, fixing the many regressions in the Work map flight Plan planning system. that generates these incompletely formatted flight plan files.

Is there anything you can share with us about this, as we, as mere users, do not get any such direct information from Asobo about these particular issues.

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