New MSFS update and the old waypoint issue

Loaded the latest MSFS Friday flight plan and we are back to the waypoints going to the north pole again. It was fine last week. So has to do with this weeks up date. Is this ongoing issue a MSFS one or a Navigraph one? Would be nice to have it go away.


It depends how you have created your flightplan? When you create the flight via our chart-app then it´s our issue, when you have created via the WorldMap in the MSFS directly, it´s an MS/ASOBO issue.

There are in total three reports in the MSFS/ASOBO development forum, without any feedback. Due a similar report directly in the MSFS forum, I have created a new bug report in the developer forum.

More details to this here:

So, it depends how you have created your flightplan - I would highly suggest to use our Chart-App because the flightplanner from MSFS in the WorldMap has a lot of issues and limitation. One is the missing tag (see the posting above).


I didn’t create it, it came from MSFS. This has happened 2 to 3 times before and usually after an update to MSFS. It seems that someone fixes it because like magic the issue disappears. See your own forum you will find this as happened before.


Yes, when you add the missing tags - also such flightplans work. Please read my posting before …

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