Not in database


I made to subscription to be able to work with charts during flight,
The navigraph charts panel is now available in flight, but always the same issue, NOT IN DATABASE.

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… where do you get the “not in database”? I don’t know what you want to say us with the screenshot.

Please explain more in detail, what you need or what issue you have?!

Thank you

I have MSFS 2020 Premium Deluxe Edition

I created a route EDDF to EDDP in SimBrief
I have an active subscription to Navigraph Center

I start a new flight with FBW A320 by selecting to departure airport only (EDDF)

I import to FlyPad via SimBrief, all the plan is imported OK

When load to MCDU, the AOC Init is importing EDDF and EDDP

But when making the initiation page and click on Init Request, it imports only the flight number, but not the airports, and shows down NOT IN DATABASE.

I’ve read all the necessary, applied all possible configuration, used all FBW versions, but no changed, always plight plan not showing and INIT Request is giving NOT IN DATABASE.

I do not know where are the data that should be purchased, since I have now an update AIRAC.

Please check captured below.


Take Off, the screen is not showing any plan !!!

Only PPOS is visible



I have just entered the same flight plan into SimBrief, generated OFP, loaded into latest FBW development version, loaded into FlyPad and into MCDU via INIT REQUEST without error

Reenter your correct SimBrief Pilot ID in FlyPad Settings/ATSU/AOC

With AV disabled, you might try recreating and entering flight plan using all the steps above, including restarting machine.


Thanks for your feedback

The only available point to enter Pilot ID is the Flypad, in the MCDU (ATSU / AOC) there is no way, it was moved to the Flypad in previous version.

The Pilot ID is correct, since it imports the flyght plan partielly, the question is why only part of it is imported, and why it is NOT IN DATABASE.

What do you mean by AV Disabled, please ?

Other side, I confirm that the MCDU is showing the actual AIRAC version, but the PFD is not showing any waypoint or star.


As I mentioned I have entered your flight plan as given, and have no error, so it is an issue on your computer. I suggest you reenter your flight details into SimBrief and re load into FBW MCDU.

If still not working you might ask at the FBW forum.