North Pole Leg with PLN again

MFS2020 and AIRAC latest version (2304) are loaded. With Nav Data Center download in the Community Folder and import a LNM flightplan with waypoints. I have the N-Pole Legs again as mentioned solved in AIRAS 2302 Rev4.
Any Help?

please can you upload the flightplan here for testing. Also can you confirm, that you have all WUs installed (this is important) plus the latest AIRAC 2304 rev. 3?

You write you have created it with LNM … also here, can you confirm, that you have used the latest AIRAC cycle in LNM?

Thank you

Thanks Richard for the Information.
Problem solved: I have not installed the latest WU XIII !
All the settings are OK. Now the user wp are ok in MFS and the north pole is gone :grin:
Why can a WU make such a behaviour?

Your AIRAC Version for LNM is 2403_Ver1 and not Ver3 as for the MFS data.
It is a pity, that this user wp are not on the track in the navigraph in-game chart. Perhaps in the future?
Thanks for help

Hi Ed,
thanks for the feedback … this “north pole” issue is normally an ASOBO/MS one. The point here is, that they change/replace airport icao codes and that results in a such “un-normal” situation. Please don´t ask my why this only happens with loaded flightplans - We must adapt our dataset on every WU and therefore it´s not really downgrade able …

This is not what we have in our hand - what we can do is, to make our database compatible with the latest, release WUs.

Thanks again for your feedback and neverless … enjoy the sim :wink:

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