No SIDS/STARS Showing up in FMS (Zibo) & LevelUp 738

I fly the Zibo 737-800X and the LevelUp 737-800NG. Unfortunately neither aircraft are showing SIDs or STARs. The problem is inconsistent, and I have yet to find a pattern. This issue is independent of the airports inputed into the FMC, meaning it can be any airport (as far as I’m aware) and it will fail to give SIDs or STARs. Currently the solution is to reload the aircraft. If I’m in the Zibo or the LevelUp and I notice this issue, I select “flight configuration” and load into the default Laminar Research C172(steam gauges). After that, I return to whichever aircraft was giving me trouble, and it will show SIDs and STARs once again. This has happened many times, but I’ve only managed to save 2 log files. Hopefully we can find a commonality between each file to remove the issue. I’ve tried to fix this issue with the following methods:

  1. I’ve deleted all data in the “Custom Data” folder of X-Plane 11. I then replaced it with my saved and zipped xplane11_native_2107.
  2. I’ve selected the “Restore this item from previous backup” in Navigaph FMS Data Manager.

I am at a loss of what to do. This issue keeps reoccurring and completely disrupts my homecockpit flying. I look forward to working with you guys to resolve this problem.
Attached are pictures from the LevelUp FMC during such an event(The Zibo looks identical under the same problem). I’ve also included both logs from X-Plane11. I have saved my entire Custom Data folder from each time and can provide any file needed from that too.

Log(1-30-22).txt (520.5 KB)
Log(2-3-22).txt (2.2 MB)

I should note. This was all done in X-Plane 11, on Windows 10, and using airac 2107.



The Zibo and LevelUp both use default X-Plane aircraft FMS Data.

I suggest you run …\X-Plane 11\X-Plane 11 Installer.exe to ensure your X-Plane files are correct.

Support is provided for the current AIRAC cycle which is 2201. Please use FMS Data Manager to install latest AIRAC.

With this you should see:
Default 737-800

Zibo 737-800X

Once you have this, you should have correct SID/STAR’s.


I installed via Steam, but essentially did what you mentioned today. I downloaded a fresh copy of X-Plane 11 and installed the latest airac cycle. So far I haven’t had any issues. I suppose I was just bothered that it suddenly happened and I had no guidance as to where the problem began. Irregardless I believe the issue has been resolved by following your advice. Thanks so much for the help!

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You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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