No SID/STARs in X-Plane 11 for SSG Embraer 170

Hi, this is my first time using Navigraph. I use X-Plane 11.

Prior to installing Navigraph, I have downloaded SSG Evolution Embraer 170 and its FMS works except when I try to select a SID or STAR, there is nothing to select. So I assumed there is no database - I don’t know if there should be a default SID/STAR, but attached is the photo of how it looks like.

So assuming I should fill in the database, I have researched and found about Navigraph and downloaded the FMS data manager. The manager found X-Plane 11 and I have updated it. It now says the most recent revision is installed.

Nonetheless, when I turn on X-Plane SSG E-170 again, the MCDU(FMS) does not give me any option to click for SIDs and STARs.

I’m willing to upgrade to X-Plane 12 if that’d be any help.

Please help me out, thank you!

Hi Terry,


In FMS Data Manager Addon Mappings page, do you have an entry for SSG Boeing 748i, E-Jets Evolution?

If yes, in Addon List, select and update.

If not, you will need to manually add using +Add in Addon Mappings.


I went onto +Add in Addon Mappings and it did the magic!

Thank you so much for your help Ian, have a wonderful day!

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Hi Terry,

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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