No SIDS, STARs or Approaches showing after one sector

Weird issue here.
Using windows 10. X-plane 11 11.50
Zibo mod 737, airac 2013
After one sector, ( E.g MEL-SYD ) when doing the CDU preflight for the next sector, No SIDS, STARs or Approaches appear. ( Photo below. )
Not sure if this is Zibo, or navigraph.


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If you restart X-Plane for the YSSY - NZWN how do you go?

If a problem how abour default X-Plane 737.


G’day, sir. So I fly 1 sector, (e.g YSSY-NZWN ) all good, no problems. Then as I do the CDU preflight, No SIDS, STARs, or Approaches appear, so I have to restart x plane. When I restart, they appear for 1 more sector.


For non Zibo do you get same behaviour for second sector. My experience is always to restart Sim between Flights. I don’t believe this is a navdata issue.


I will check in the default after this sector, thank you sir